Graba Art

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Graba' enjoys an international recognition with work and exhibitions in the U.S.A., Southeast Asia and several European countries.

The human being is central, but the symbol, the expression and the colours give the whole an exceptionally warm intensity. The face is highlighted by colour and light treatment and often rises up from the background in golden shades, or dominates the figures in the front from that background. He escapes dull reality by focusing the attention on dream and mystery.

It is a unique interaction between text and pictures. Graba' paints in cycles, based on oriental and western themes such as: The Garden of Delights, Tantra, Mystic of Islam, Tree of Life, Visions of the Night, Genesis, Emotions in Motion, Apocalypse, Divina Commedia, Ulysses, Men in the Mirror, Flowers of Evil, ...

His handmade jewels (gold and pearls) are for the wearers, not the spectators. Recent years have seen cycles with intellectual content such as Conference of the Birds and Paradise Lost.'

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